Yazan Mesmar is an artist and visual designer. He has been painting and designing professionally since 2014, specializing in street art and creative direction. Yazan’s goal is to create for the purpose of carrying the local cultural identity while introducing it to the local and international communities – in hopes of inspiring and motivating people, while leaving a lasting impression throughout the community.

Yazan Mismar

What are you curious about?

My girlfriend pointed this out to me a couple of years ago, which is that I enjoy watching people. Do you know the fish tank theory? It’s a fish in a tank in a restaurant and every day, it is watching people eating, celebrating anniversaries, getting divorces, getting into fights, getting into birthdays, blah blah blah. After a while, is that fish a human? This concept we call “The fish tank theory” I think. So for me, I really enjoy watching people’s interactions, the dynamics of all that and I think I do thrive on that. It is part of my career. Because I do a lot of directing in projects in User Experience and User Interface. So basically, User Experience is human behaviour, so I for sure enjoy that.

What part of your work is the most creative one?

The interaction, or the reaction.
I think artists focus more on this than work itself. Especially me when, when it’s so public and out there. I enjoy the most really hidden moments because street art and executing big murals is an ugly process. It’s very messy, you get paint all over the place. In Jordan it’s either hot or too cold, it’s not the feel “yoga-like” (laughs), to feel calm inside. And it’s physically exhausting. So most of the process is ugly but there are these key moments that keep you hooked for the next moment of it. Either it’s an interaction with someone, especially kids in Jordan because they are not exposed to lots of art in general. So interacting with that is always fun.

There are always a lot of interactions and experiences in different projects, especially with children. They still have this magic inside of them, that is easy to tab into or to explore. And to see them discovering a new thing. While with adults, you have to negotiate your way into their imagination, cause they have their own sets of either beliefs or opinions.But yeah, seeing someone new receiving an introduction into my work just by observing for 3-5 days is just pleasing. You see it through their ideas and think “Ah, this is why I enjoy it.” It’s like a kind reminder in some way.

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